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Download 04-25-17_TUE_6AM  04-25-2017 (17.35 MB)


  • Open phones to start, homeless and other news. Veteran and embedded reporter Bob Dvorchak discusses with Bill whether we're headed for war, and should we?

Download 04-25-17_TUE_8AM  04-25-2017 (19.71 MB)


  • Open phones, later Julie Gunlock from Will the diet soda REALLY kill you?

Download 04-25-17_TUE_7AM  04-25-2017 (17.48 MB)


  • Open phones, expensive tax measures for fire and more, later state Rep. Sal Esquivel and a Salem update.

Download 04-24-17_MON_7AM  04-24-2017 (18.99 MB)


  • Brett Bern, son of legendary BANG RECORDS label owner, song writer, and producer Bert Berns. A lot of big stars, including Neil Diamond and Van Morrison got their start there. Later, School Board Candidate for Med 549C Jim Horner

Download 04-24-17_MON_6AM  04-24-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • Open phones, the immorality of PERS' drain on services. I talk with the Blaze's Matt Walsh, author of The Unholy Trinity, detaiing the indoctrination in gov school of kids re gender and marriage issues.,

Download 04-24-17_MON_8AM  04-24-2017 (18.88 MB)


  • Dr. Powers talks the danger in the wilds of southern Oregon, later it's wolf and outdoor talk with Greg Roberts...Yep, there's more to the wolf story than you've been lead to believe.

Download 04-20-17_THU_7AM  04-20-2017 (17.4 MB)


  • Outdoor report, some open talk, Senator Dennis Linthicum breaks down the latest from the Salem Session.

Download 04-20-17_THU_8AM  04-20-2017 (17.19 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday!

Download 04-20-17_THU_6AM  04-20-2017 (16.4 MB)


  • Open Phones, do you have paper maps to backup your preps? Later it's Eric Peters from EPAutos and our segment on GM rolling out a car renting service...what does this mean for Lithia and the dealers?

Download 04-19-17_WED_8AM  04-19-2017 (16.88 MB)


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Download 04-19-17_WED_6AM  04-19-2017 (17.91 MB)


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Download 04-19-17_WED_7AM  04-19-2017 (17.5 MB)


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Download 04-18-17_TUE_6AM  04-18-2017 (17.72 MB)


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Download 04-18-17_TUE_7AM  04-18-2017 (18.06 MB)


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Download 04-18-17_TUE_8AM  04-18-2017 (18.37 MB)


  • 04-18-17_TUE_8AM

Download 04-17-17_MON_7AM  04-17-2017 (19.73 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts...then we talk education policy with Medford 549C pos 1 candidate Curt Ankerberg.

Download 04-17-17_MON_6AM  04-17-2017 (16.54 MB)


  • Morning stories, Sen. Baertschiger's family death tragedy and other news, I also talk with Marion Smith, Executive Director of the Victims of Communist Memorial Foundation...there's a new book, Communism for Kids, and Marion says the truth needs told.

Download 04-17-17_MON_8AM  04-17-2017 (18.01 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, Visiting past and present, and we talk Dagoba chocolate's founder, and dig into the pipeline issue.

Download 04-14-17_FRI_6AM  04-14-2017 (19.2 MB)


  • Bill is live from North Medford High today for Cong. Walden's town hall meeting, He also talks with Ruth Broadman, JCRW, about what's at stake here. Later, the Stream's Rachel Alexander on a BIG religious liberty case at SCOTUS next week.

Download 04-14-17_FRI_7and8AM  04-14-2017 (31.18 MB)


  • Town Hall meeting with Congressman Greg Walden - Live from North Medford High School

Download 04-14-17_FRI_7AM  04-14-2017 (12.6 MB)


  • We talk with Congressman Greg Walden briefly before the Outdoor Report, other talk from NMHS before the Town Hall Meeting begins.

Download 04-13-17_THU_8AM  04-13-2017 (18.22 MB)


  • War winds are brewing, got your nuke preparedness plans? More with Capt. Bill Simpson on that topic, and some open phones!

Download 04-13-17_THU_6AM  04-13-2017 (18.01 MB)


  • Mornings stories of the day, then a talk with car guy Eric Peters from, How can Tesla be the most valued car company with only some 70,000 vehicles made? Green Crony capitalism, my friends, that's how.

Download 04-13-17_THU_7AM  04-13-2017 (18.33 MB)


  • Guests this hour are State Rep. Duane Stark of Grants Pass, and State Senator Alan Deboer of Ashland.

Download 04-12-17_WED_6AM  04-12-2017 (17.83 MB)


  • Stories of the day, open phones, Chris Whipple joins me, author of The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency

Download 04-12-17_WED_8AM  04-12-2017 (19.25 MB)


  • Sen Herman Baertschiger talks his Rural v Urban speech, the mining ban, other craziness in Salem. later Megan Flowers from Sanctuary one - looking for volunteers at their animal rescue farm in the Applegate.

Download 04-12-17_WED_7AM  04-12-2017 (18.49 MB)


  • What words or phrases offend you? We have a good talk, Lt. Budreau catches us up on the early morning Medford shooting, Ruth Broadman of JCRW - you need to be at Cong Walden's Townhall - Friday 7:30a at NMHS, 10:30 at GPHS

Download 04-11-17_TUE_8AM  04-11-2017 (20.34 MB)


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Download 04-11-17_TUE_7AM  04-11-2017 (15.96 MB)


  • 04-11-17_TUE_7AM

Download 04-11-17_TUE_6AM  04-11-2017 (17.68 MB)


  • 04-11-17_TUE_6AM

Download 04-10-17_MON_6AM  04-10-2017 (16.09 MB)


  • 04-10-17_MON_6AM

Download 04-10-17_MON_7AM  04-10-2017 (19.15 MB)


  • 04-10-17_MON_7AM

Download 04-10-17_MON_8AM  04-10-2017 (17.76 MB)


  • 04-10-17_MON_8AM

Download 04-07-17_FRI_7AM  04-07-2017 (17.56 MB)


  • Guests include Greg Roberts with the outdoor report, Julie Thomas of Consierge Home & Business Watch, PRIVATE security in Jo Co? Yep, and Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - gun bills will be moving soon.

Download 04-07-17_FRI_8AM  04-07-2017 (19.59 MB)


  • Open phone for the hour

Download 04-07-17_FRI_6AM  04-07-2017 (19.97 MB)


  • The storm, the power outages, the humanity...oh, and plenty of talk on Syria, too.

Download 04-06-17_THU_6AM  04-06-2017 (19.3 MB)


  • Open phones, and how we're being programmed for war. Later I talk with Megan Barth at, Bannon's it a big deal? I think it is, Megan, not so much.

Download 04-06-17_THU_7AM  04-06-2017 (20.16 MB)


  • Trisha Sparlen joins me from the Rogue Protection Group...interesting business for home and business protection, Mr. X clarifies some of our talk yesterday of university influence over county government.

Download 04-06-17_THU_8AM  04-06-2017 (18.68 MB)


  • Jo Co safety levy opponent Bill Hunker talks with me about the reasoning for opposing, and what he sees as a continued lack of trust in county government. Lisa Kelly from Kelly's Automotive drops in, too. They're hiring...will schools help out here?

Download 04-05-17_WED_6AM  04-05-2017 (17.75 MB)


  • Stories of the day, and then a talk with Dan Perkins about the Syrian chemical weapons attacks.

Download 04-05-17_WED_8AM  04-05-2017 (19.46 MB)


  • Mr X. talks the Travel Oregon meeting from Tuesday at SOU..another example of the green agenda at work. Later a talk with Andrea Hupp, project mgr at Taylor's Sausage in Cave Junction. What a susccess story!

Download 04-05-17_WED_7AM  04-05-2017 (17.5 MB)


  • My guest is Joseph Rice of Liberty Watch Josephine County - time for a castle doctrine? Crimestoppers and other news, too.

Download 04-04-17_TUE_6AM  04-04-2017 (17.46 MB)


  • News of the day, including my observations of the tourism meeting SOU has later today, then Dave Ray at, the clawback possible of Fed funds if they don't play ball on ICE requests.

Download 04-04-17_TUE_7AM  04-04-2017 (20.71 MB)


  • Jo County Commissioner Dan DeYoung joins me in the GP studios, we talk county gov, safety levy, other issues.

Download 04-04-17_TUE_8AM  04-04-2017 (16.83 MB)


  • Capt Bill Simpson and I talk of Siskiyou County's drive to hire a new county counsel, but he's apparently a gang green type volunteer. Good fit for a county trying to fight fed and state? Open phones follow.

Download 04-03-17_MON_7AM  04-03-2017 (19.14 MB)


  • I talk with Greg Roberts with the Waterworld Outdoor Report, then Grants Pass Mayor Darin Fowler, and Susan Seereiter, GP business advocate talk economic development of Grants Pass, plus we discuss law enforcement, safety levy, etc.

Download 04-03-17_MON_6AM  04-03-2017 (18.85 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour.

Download 04-03-17_MON_8AM  04-03-2017 (17.55 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history segment on Glenn Wooldridge, the original river guide, Mark Hutto stops by from J. Austin, and we talk the precious metals markets and more.

Download 03-31-17_FRI_7AM  03-31-2017 (17.34 MB)


  • 03-31-17_FRI_7AM

Download 03-31-17_FRI_6AM  03-31-2017 (18.41 MB)


  • 03-31-17_FRI_6AM

Download 03-31-17_FRI_8AM  03-31-2017 (18.19 MB)


  • 03-31-17_FRI_8AM

Download 03-30-17_THU_6AM  03-30-2017 (17.71 MB)


  • 03-30-17_THU_6AM

Download 03-30-17_THU_8AM  03-30-2017 (14.95 MB)


  • 03-30-17_THU_8AM

Download 03-30-17_THU_7AM  03-30-2017 (18.52 MB)


  • 03-30-17_THU_7AM

Download 03-28-17_TUE_6AM  03-29-2017 (18.14 MB)


  • 03-28-17_TUE_6AM

Download 03-28-17_TUE_7AM  03-29-2017 (17.88 MB)


  • 03-28-17_TUE_7AM

Download 03-28-17_TUE_8AM  03-29-2017 (16.04 MB)


  • 03-28-17_TUE_8AM

Download 03-29-17_WED_8AM  03-29-2017 (16.44 MB)


  • 03-29-17_WED_8AM

Download 03-29-17_WED_7AM  03-29-2017 (20.96 MB)


  • 03-29-17_WED_7AM

Download 03-29-17_WED_6AM  03-29-2017 (18.57 MB)


  • 03-29-17_WED_6AM

Download 03-27-17_MON_8AM  03-27-2017 (17.08 MB)


  • 03-27-17_MON_8AM

Download 03-27-17_MON_7AM  03-27-2017 (20.93 MB)


  • 03-27-17_MON_7AM

Download 03-27-17_MON_6AM  03-27-2017 (17.92 MB)


  • 03-27-17_MON_6AM

Download 03-24-17_FRI_7AM  03-24-2017 (19.11 MB)


  • 03-24-17_FRI_7AM

Download 03-24-17_FRI_6AM  03-24-2017 (17.01 MB)


  • 03-24-17_FRI_6AM

Download 03-24-17_FRI_8AM  03-24-2017 (17.45 MB)


  • 03-24-17_FRI_8AM

Download 03-23-17_THU_6AM  03-23-2017 (15.49 MB)


  • Homeless ban and other stories of the morning. Greg Crist talks the Obamacare vote with me, represents the American Medical Technology Association, favors the bill as it gets rid of the 2.5% Obamacare tax

Download 03-23-17_THU_7AM  03-23-2017 (18.23 MB)


  • Mischa Popoff joins me, author of IS IT ORGANIC? Is USDA Organic all that good of a deal? Open phones later.

Download 03-23-17_THU_8AM  03-23-2017 (17.66 MB)


  • John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute - We talk Gorsuch, and the growing trend of civil forfeiture by government cops. Open phones follow

Download 03-22-17_WED_6AM  03-22-2017 (16.92 MB)


  • The morning stories and open topics, Megan Barth checks in from LV,, Comey investigation right wing news??

Download 03-22-17_WED_7AM  03-22-2017 (18.45 MB)


  • Open phones, Jo Co Levy, Crimestoppers, too.

Download 03-22-17_WED_8AM  03-22-2017 (17.13 MB)


  • Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network - we're talking these crazy markets...a bubble in search of a pin?

Download 03-21-17_TUE_8AM  03-21-2017 (19.18 MB)


  • Open phones on the issues, LGBTQ in Grants Pass, and now with OSF's Oklahoma? Other issues, too. Then Brad Niva, just took over at TRAVEL SOUTHERN OREGON, what's next?

Download 03-21-17_TUE_7AM  03-21-2017 (17.81 MB)


  • I talk with State Senator Dennis Linthicum on several really bad water bills designed to give more control to the state over water rights. Gun bills also on the docket with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation.

Download 03-21-17_TUE_6AM  03-21-2017 (18.6 MB)


  • Open phones and other rep digs into an interesting story about THE SNOWFLAKE TEST for future employees. Judge Napolitano benched by FOX, I think he must've told the truth...a fireable offense in today's culture.

Download 03-20-17_MON_8AM  03-20-2017 (18.34 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history profile - I-5's storied past and influence on the area, then we dig into the Gorsuch hearings.

Download 03-20-17_MON_6AM  03-20-2017 (17.16 MB)


  • recap of the lincoln day dinner, Open phones, later it's Dr. Dathan Paterno, author of DESPERATELY SEEKING PARENTS. Snowflakes are MADE, not born.

Download 03-20-17_MON_7AM  03-20-2017 (17.88 MB)


  • Outdoor report and some politics re forest, then OR Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, just back from a series of DC meetings, we discuss...

Download 03-17-17_FRI_6AM  03-17-2017 (14.6 MB)


  • 03-17-17_FRI_6AM

Download 03-17-17_FRI_7AM  03-17-2017 (14.3 MB)


  • 03-17-17_FRI_7AM

Download 03-17-17_FRI_8AM  03-17-2017 (17.79 MB)


  • 03-17-17_FRI_8AM

Download 03-16-17_THU_6AM  03-16-2017 (17.32 MB)


  • 03-16-17_THU_6AM

Download 03-16-17_THU_7AM  03-16-2017 (17.28 MB)


  • 03-16-17_THU_7AM

Download 03-16-17_THU_8AM  03-16-2017 (17 MB)


  • 03-16-17_THU_8AM

Download 03-15-17_WED_6AM  03-15-2017 (18.11 MB)


  • Dr. Alieta Eck, in private NJ practice, talks with me about the challenges to delivering truly affordable health care. open phones follow.

Download 03-15-17_WED_7AM  03-15-2017 (18.8 MB)


  • Good talk about the economy with Brian Alexander, author of GLASS HOUSE: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town. Crimestoppers and open phones too.

Download 03-15-17_WED_8AM  03-15-2017 (18.51 MB)


  • Open phones on healthcare price negotiation, other topics, JC Concerts has a great show coming up Friday at NMHS.

Download 03-14-17_TUE_8AM  03-14-2017 (18.2 MB)


  • Bill's guest is Phoenix City Councilman Terry Baker. We talk the firing of the city manager and other issues.

Download 03-14-17_TUE_7AM  03-14-2017 (16.97 MB)


  • Open phones, later it's a legislative update with State Rep. Esquivel

Download 03-14-17_TUE_6AM  03-14-2017 (17.76 MB)


  • Morning news stories start, then Portland Attorney Daniel Zene Crowe – Are we witnessing the rise of a the GOP in the state of Oregon? (Daniel is a former candidate for state attorney general) He'll be speaking at Saturday's Lincoln Day Dinner.

Download 03-13-17_MON_8AM  03-13-2017 (18.75 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history segment and other news of the day, Dr. John Hyatt business segment from the Retina and Vitreous Center - how to protect yourself from eye trauma, other vision topics.

Download 03-13-17_MON_6AM  03-13-2017 (16.75 MB)


  • Open phones...DOWN WITH GOV TIME TYRANNY;-) Rick Manning breaks down the new health bill with's not a good deal, certainly not for conservatives.

Download 03-13-17_MON_7AM  03-13-2017 (18.69 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg, the Medford Rogues are in studio, new former pro baseball development director and more issues, Also a talk with Ward 4 Medford city councillor Kim Wallen.

Download 03-10-17_FRI_6AM  03-10-2017 (16.32 MB)


  • Climate change agreement comes to Ashland, I discuss why this is BAD policy, imo. Later it's Steve Milloy, one of the best junk science debunkers, and we dig into all the 2.5PM standard pollution stuff will KILL YOU, not.

Download 03-10-17_FRI_7AM  03-10-2017 (18.85 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, I talk with a reporter from the stream about a REALLY interesting experiment, they reverse Trump and Hillary roles at a phones, too.

Download 03-10-17_FRI_8AM  03-10-2017 (16.13 MB)


  • Michael Oxman, tree surgeon, promotes asking Cong. Walden to submit the BIG PINE memorial plaque to the Smithsonian, Bob Haward survived three weeks stranded at sea, will tell his story, open phones and more.

Download 03-09-17-THU-7AM  03-09-2017 (17.37 MB)


  • Bill talks with Rep. Duane Stark about the tax bills, beating down on homeowners bills, some hope for CASA and foster kids. Later, Capt. Bill Simpson and bill dig into the growing Water Wars.

Download 03-09-17-THU-6AM  03-09-2017 (20.36 MB)


  • Open phones, then a breakdown of the Obamacare Replacement bill with Dr. Jane Orient M.D. from the Association of American Physicians and surrgeons.

Download 03-09-17-THU-8AM  03-09-2017 (20.28 MB)


  • An hour of your calls for conspiracy theory thursday.

Download 03-08-17_WED_7AM  03-08-2017 (19.63 MB)


  • $125,000 fine for multiple cell phone car violations? Let's talk, Crimestoppers with Lt. Ivins, too.

Download 03-08-17_WED_8AM  03-08-2017 (17.69 MB)


  • We talk mining and the lawsuits and challenges with Tom Kitchar of the Waldo Mining District, open phones follow.

Download 03-08-17_WED_6AM  03-08-2017 (17.22 MB)


  • A Day Without A Woman day...we discuss, and also get the breakdown on this stunt with Karen Agness from the Independent Women's Forum

Download 03-07-17_TUE_6AM  03-07-2017 (18.14 MB)


  • Open stories and phones, new O-care replacement? Susan Swift from Politichicks, Media pushes fake news to protect the deep state Trump wiretap. Obama

Download 03-07-17_TUE_7AM  03-07-2017 (18.23 MB)


  • Kurt Heater talks the home sales, prices up, sales down in Jo and Jackson County, what's up? Later Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman from the association of O and C counties...asking BLM to loosen up on sequestered timber dollars, open phones.

Download 03-07-17_TUE_8AM  03-07-2017 (16.12 MB)


  • Dan Stein from Federation for American Immigration Reform, the new order...later it's a business talk with the Advanced Air and Metal crew. What questions to ask about HVAC BEFORE you build..., open phones follow.

Download 03-06-17_MON_6AM  03-06-2017 (16.98 MB)


  • Open phones and stories of the day.

Download 03-06-17_MON_7AM  03-06-2017 (18.58 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then Mr. X. and Bill discuss the WISE project, and the partner groups claiming to represent you with all things water...does this make sense?

Download 03-06-17_MON_8AM  03-06-2017 (17.78 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles Beekman in the history segment, and we dig into the wiretap Trump issue. Open phones follow.

Download 03-03-17_FRI_7AM  03-03-2017 (18.57 MB)


  • 03-03-17_FRI_7AM

Download 03-03-17_FRI_6AM  03-03-2017 (18.04 MB)


  • 03-03-17_FRI_6AM

Download 03-03-17_FRI_8AM  03-03-2017 (18.37 MB)


  • 03-03-17_FRI_8AM

Download 03-02-17_THU_7AM  03-02-2017 (18.03 MB)


  • 03-02-17_THU_7AM

Download 03-02-17_THU_8AM  03-02-2017 (16.96 MB)


  • 03-02-17_THU_8AM

Download 03-02-17_THU_6AM  03-02-2017 (18.14 MB)


  • 03-02-17_THU_6AM

Download 03-01-17_WED_6AM  03-01-2017 (18.3 MB)


  • 03-01-17_WED_6AM

Download 03-01-17_WED_7AM  03-01-2017 (18.48 MB)


  • 03-01-17_WED_7AM

Download 03-01-17_WED_8AM  03-01-2017 (18.12 MB)


  • 03-01-17_WED_8AM

Download 02-28-16_TUE_8AM  02-28-2017 (17.28 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 02-28-16_TUE_6AM  02-28-2017 (16.04 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, open phones, then Capt William E. Simpson - Google Censoring Natural news?

Download 02-28-16_TUE_7AM  02-28-2017 (20.53 MB)


  • Mr. X talks with me about the RVCOG meeting today - public workshop, more of that policy consensus stuff...why it needs fought and paid attention to. Rep. Sal Esquivel joins with a legislative update.

Download 02-27-16_MON_6AM  02-27-2017 (18.42 MB)


  • Fmr Comm Breidenthal's legal troubles and other stories, Melissa Henson of, networks pushing THREESOMES involving 8th graders on some family shows.

Download 02-27-16_MON_7AM  02-27-2017 (19.95 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones then Lisa Kelly promoting FIRST CRUSH this Saturday! (I emcee, hope you'll join us!)

Download 02-27-16_MON_8AM  02-27-2017 (17.71 MB)


  • Dr Powers history segment, an interesting family from Gold Hill...back in the day. 7 footers, yep, for sure. Other news, too.

Download 02-24-17_FRI_7AM  02-24-2017 (17.77 MB)


  • 02-24-17_FRI_7AM

Download 02-24-17_FRI_6AM  02-24-2017 (17.75 MB)


  • 02-24-17_FRI_6AM

Download 02-24-17_FRI_8AM  02-24-2017 (21.03 MB)


  • 02-24-17_FRI_8AM

Download 02-23-17_THU_6AM  02-23-2017 (16.75 MB)


  • 02-23-17_THU_6AM

Download 02-23-17_THU_7AM  02-23-2017 (18.65 MB)


  • 02-23-17_THU_7AM

Download 02-23-17_THU_8AM  02-23-2017 (18.1 MB)


  • 02-23-17_THU_8AM

Download 02-22-17_WED_7AM  02-22-2017 (19.11 MB)


  • 02-22-17_WED_7AM

Download 02-22-17_WED_6AM  02-22-2017 (18.16 MB)


  • 02-22-17_WED_6AM

Download 02-22-17_WED_8AM  02-22-2017 (18.99 MB)


  • 02-22-17_WED_8AM

Download 02-21-17_TUE_7AM  02-22-2017 (18.87 MB)


  • 02-21-17_TUE_7AM

Download 02-21-17_TUE_6AM  02-22-2017 (18.31 MB)


  • 02-21-17_TUE_6AM

Download 02-21-17_TUE_8AM  02-22-2017 (18.81 MB)


  • 02-21-17_TUE_8AM

Download 02-17-17_FRI_7AM  02-17-2017 (15.66 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, Oroville talk, and later a constitutional look at the president's Executive Order with Steve the Marine's legal expertise.

Download 02-17-17_FRI_6AM  02-17-2017 (17 MB)


  • Day without Immigrants...really? Open phones, Eric Peters, automotive journalist at on the Big Three soon to be the big 2?

Download 02-17-17_FRI_8AM  02-17-2017 (17.42 MB)


  • Ryan Mallory talks the NO MONUMENT event tomorrow, Open phones, Rob Schlapfer joins me to promot THE TALK, 3pm Saturday at the Medford Library Adams room. They'll discuss the left suffering from too much to restore reason.

Download 02-16-17_THU_6AM  02-16-2017 (16.04 MB)


  • Open phones start, then AFP's Akash Chouegele talks with me about Humana's exit from Obamacare, and more collapse on the way.

Download 02-16-17_THU_7AM  02-16-2017 (18.01 MB)


  • Paul from Talent joins me for an interesting talk of his long experience in Latin America, and what he believes Trump is really shooting for regarding the border. Legislative update later with Senator Alan DeBoer.

Download 02-16-17_THU_8AM  02-16-2017 (18.51 MB)


  • 02-16-17_THU_8AM

Download 02-15-17_WED_6AM  02-15-2017 (17.32 MB)


  • Headlines and more, then I talk with Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government - The Flynn dumping a soft coup?

Download 02-15-17_WED_8AM  02-15-2017 (17.73 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 02-15-17_WED_7AM  02-15-2017 (16.98 MB)


  • Jo Co Commissioner Simon Hare talks the Association of O and C Counties lawsuit against the monument expansion, public safety levy issues, too. Crimestoppers with Lt. Kerry Curtis, and we dig into homeless problems, too.

Download 02-14-17_TUE_8AM  02-14-2017 (17.94 MB)


  • My guests are Terence King, civil engineer and construction manager for several California dam projects, and he breaks down the issues at Oroville Dam. later a talk with Joana Garzili, a motivational speaker and life of BIG MIRACLES.

Download 02-14-17_TUE_7AM  02-14-2017 (17.66 MB)


  • I talk with Kevin Starret at Oregon Firearms Federation about the travesty of justice re the Michael Strickland conviction, later, Sal Esquivel reports on the latest Salem legislative news.

Download 02-14-17_TUE_6AM  02-14-2017 (17.57 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 02-13-17_MON_6AM  02-13-2017 (16.29 MB)


  • Open phones and stories for the morning, and we talk about the Oroville Dam problems, too.

Download 02-13-17_MON_7AM  02-13-2017 (18.63 MB)


  • Waterworld Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, more calls, and then Michael Zarosinski, city councilmen Ward 4 from the City of Medford. We talk sidewalks, MURA, the Costco relocation...How did the city fall asleep at the wheel on this one?

Download 02-13-17_MON_8AM  02-13-2017 (19.17 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history segment on the history of Matties's Nugget, open phones, and a talk with Dr. John Hyatt at the Retinal Vitreous Center about Macular degeneration...what it is, how they treat it most effectively.

Download 02-10-17_FRI_8AM  02-10-2017 (18.63 MB)


  • 02-10-17_FRI_8AM

Download 02-10-17_FRI_6AM  02-10-2017 (16.58 MB)


  • 02-10-17_FRI_6AM

Download 02-10-17_FRI_7AM  02-10-2017 (17.78 MB)


  • 02-10-17_FRI_7AM

Download 02-09-17_THU_8AM  02-09-2017 (18.23 MB)


  • Open phones for conspiracy theory Thursday, later a great talk with psychologist Michelle Jensen from the Parents Resource Center. In March they're cranking up parent empowerment classes...kind of a smart Mom and Dad bootcamp.

Download 02-09-17_THU_7AM  02-09-2017 (17.47 MB)


  • Rep. Duane Stark, Dist 4 Grants Pass talks foster parenting, the budgeting, plenty of hot button stuff in Salem. Open phones follow.

Download 02-09-17_THU_6AM  02-09-2017 (16.68 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, later I talk with Steve Milloy, founder of about how gang green climate change fraud is in trouble under Trump.

Download 02-08-17_WED_7AM  02-08-2017 (18.99 MB)


  • 02-08-17_WED_7AM

Download 02-08-17_WED_6AM  02-08-2017 (18.18 MB)


  • 02-08-17_WED_6AM

Download 02-08-17_WED_8AM  02-08-2017 (21.15 MB)


  • 02-08-17_WED_8AM

Download 02-07-17_TUE_6AM  02-07-2017 (18.89 MB)


  • 02-07-17_TUE_6AM

Download 02-07-17_TUE_7AM  02-07-2017 (19.34 MB)


  • 02-07-17_TUE_7AM

Download 02-07-17_TUE_8AM  02-07-2017 (18.44 MB)


  • 02-07-17_TUE_8AM

Download 02-06-17_MON_7AM  02-06-2017 (22.39 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Cal Martin says he's STILL going ahead to stop the Costco move to Central Point, traffic, breaking the law, he says it's a poor fit, and a loss for Medford.

Download 02-06-17_MON_8AM  02-06-2017 (18.99 MB)


  • Dr. Powers talks the history of the stage lines in S. Oregon, some more on the Executive orders, too. Interview with Jo County Sheriff Dave Daniel, what happens if the $$ aren't passed by voters.

Download 02-06-17_MON_6AM  02-06-2017 (17.69 MB)


  • Super game and the stories of the morning, Michael Burgi of AdWeek talks the SB winners and losers in the ad world.

Download 02-03-17_FRI_6AM  02-03-2017 (19.99 MB)


  • Open phones, the costco issue, Jo County struggles to pay for Sheriff services, also a talk about the research into NDE's, Near Death Experiences.

Download 02-03-17_FRI_8AM  02-03-2017 (19.1 MB)


  • Open phones on the issues for most of the hour, then Pear Blossom Parade committee folks, looking for business sign-ups and other fun!

Download 02-03-17_FRI_7AM  02-03-2017 (21.16 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts...Mr. X, Ed, breaks down some GOOD news as Congress rattles the chains of the BLM and other alphabet soup agencies, it might lead to increased LOCAL government input on the control of O and C lands and more.

Download 02-02-17_THU_6AM  02-02-2017 (18.74 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 02-02-17_THU_7AM  02-02-2017 (21.52 MB)


  • Professor Kevin Gutzman, New York Times best-selling author of five books, including JAMES MADISON AND THE MAKING OF AMERICA, and the newly released THOMAS JEFFERSON, REVOLUTIONARY. We talk Scotus and Jefferson, and more. Open phones follow

Download 02-02-17_THU_8AM  02-02-2017 (18.74 MB)


  • People's Bank of Commerce president Ken Trautman talks with me about good economic expansion at Peoples, what's next. Roger Stone, Trump confidant and author of THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 2016. Open phones then.

Download 02-01-17_WED_8AM  02-01-2017 (18.35 MB)


  • Greg Roberts talks with me about a high level source sharing that former Sheriff Falls of Jac Co started to look for a new job THE FIRST DAY in office. Your calls follow.

Download 02-01-17_WED_6AM  02-01-2017 (19.46 MB)


  • Open phones and stories to start - the scotus pick, and then Johanna Talcott attorney fellow with college of public interestwith the Pacific Legal Foundation – breaking down the Neil Gorsuch nomination for SCOTUS.

Download 02-01-17_WED_7AM  02-01-2017 (20.28 MB)


  • More open phones, Crimestoppers, Senator Herman Baertschiger from Grants Pass checks in from the session.