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Download 01-23-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-23-2019 (17.93 MB)


  • State Rep. E. Werner Reschke reports from the session, the battles yet to come...willing to deny quorum? We talk more about that, Lt. Budreau with Crimestoppers, too.

Download 01-23-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-23-2019 (16.98 MB)


  • Emails of the day, quorum, SB501 and much more in an hour of open phone topics

Download 01-23-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-23-2019 (20.73 MB)


  • Open phones on the day's news, later...a Newsbusters guest detailing just how large the media smear is against the Covington MAGA hat boys.

Download 01-22-19_TUESDAY_8AM  01-22-2019 (18.28 MB)


  • Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (in a speech) says we have 12 years before the end of the world due to climate change. Nonsense, says geologist Gregory Wrightstone, author of INCONVENIENT FACTS. Open phones follow

Download 01-22-19_TUESDAY_6AM  01-22-2019 (18 MB)


  • News of the day, some open phones, should we go to a national popular vote for President? NO, says Tara Ross, author of The Indispensable Electoral College, and we dig into it.

Download 01-22-19_TUESDAY_7AM  01-22-2019 (19.79 MB)


  • Open phones, later it's Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts - county rejoins AOC, proclamation fighting fire and smoke miseries, how effective will it be?

Download 01-21-19_MONDAY_6AM  01-21-2019 (18.73 MB)


  • Open phones and morning stories, a talk on MLK day with Demetrius Minor from Project 21

Download 01-21-19_MONDAY_8AM  01-21-2019 (19.18 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles local history, we dig into the DC news, too. Later Cherisse from No Wires Media talks way to save BIG on your internet, phone, TV and more

Download 01-21-19_MONDAY_7AM  01-21-2019 (18.66 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Waterworld boat and powersport outdoor report, John Charles talks the REAL cause of expensive homes in Oregon. John is the founder of the Cascade Policy Institute

Download 01-18-19_FRIDAY_8AM  01-18-2019 (18.92 MB)


  • Roads, the 1.7 million dollar bike path (?) why are the roads bumpy? Cory Crebbin, Medfords Pub Works Director discusses, open phones, then Erin Maxson from Wildlife Images, - Fundraiser next Saturday

Download 01-18-19_FRIDAY_7AM  01-18-2019 (21.25 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, wolf news, too. Mr. X here recapping the Pam Marsh Fire meeting from Thursday night

Download 01-18-19_FRIDAY_6AM  01-18-2019 (18.79 MB)


  • Morning news and stories, Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government's swamp update and DC news

Download 01-17-19_THURSDAY_6AM  01-17-2019 (18.83 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday, why I'm agnostic on geoengineering, Michael Daugherty, author of The Devil Inside the Beltway - says cybersecurity a real risk during gov shutdown time

Download 01-17-19_THURSDAY_7AM  01-17-2019 (18.93 MB)


  • Dr. Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis - That new Gillette ad affects the boys, too. Open phones follow

Download 01-17-19_THURSDAY_8AM  01-17-2019 (18.14 MB)


  • Eric Peters, automotive journalist - Tesla boosts prices, lays off workers, and have you seen the specs on the new Ram truck? Awesome, open phones follow

Download 01-16-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-16-2019 (20.61 MB)


  • Commissioner from Jac Co Colleen Roberts reports on Tuesday's PUC meeting, smart meters, Dam removal and more, Lt. Justin Ivens with Crime Stoppers

Download 01-16-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-16-2019 (18.37 MB)


  • stories of the day, Rep Carl Wilson weighs in on the upcoming session, and the big battles ahead

Download 01-16-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-16-2019 (17.22 MB)


  • Robert Natelson, constitutional scholar discusses how the Dems may try to pack the Supreme Court in order to thwart the President's push to secure conservative control of the branch, open phones follow

Download 01-15-19_TUESDAY_6AM  01-15-2019 (18.7 MB)


  • News of the day, commentary, open phones for the hour

Download 01-15-19_TUESDAY_8AM  01-15-2019 (19.72 MB)


  • Dr. Steven Greenleaf (Steve the Marine) on the history of denying quorums to stop tyrant legislatures dead in their tracks. Open phones follow

Download 01-15-19_TUESDAY_7AM  01-15-2019 (20.38 MB)


  • Stream's John Zmirak - time to bring down the statue of liberty plaque? Later, can government education be reformed? I don't believe so, Kevin Husted, 549C budget committee chair thinks differently, and we discuss the issues

Download 01-14-19_MONDAY_6AM  01-14-2019 (18.74 MB)


  • Open phones and news of the morning, SB501...yikes...later Jamie Glazov, new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He is Charming, Seducting, and Devouring Us.

Download 01-14-19_MONDAY_7AM  01-14-2019 (19.37 MB)


  • Water World Boat and Powersport outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then into the gun attacks from Salem, SB501 and more with Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation

Download 01-14-19_MONDAY_8AM  01-14-2019 (19.28 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiling local history, and Ward 2 Medford City Councilman Tim D'Allesandro and I discuss homeless, pot money, and other city issues.

Download 01-11-19_FRIDAY_8AM  01-11-2019 (19.17 MB)


  • Charles Sauer, President of the Market Institute - He explains why he doesn't think President Trump's plan to control drug prices should be enacted, open phones follow.

Download 01-11-19_FRIDAY_6AM  01-11-2019 (19.41 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, the weekly swamp update with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government - Emergency declaration for the wall, and other issues?

Download 01-11-19_FRIDAY_7AM  01-11-2019 (17.94 MB)


  • Sure some politics, but also what's going on with the Waterworld Boat and Powersport outdoors report with Greg Roberts. Open phones follow

Download 01-10-19_THURSDAY_6AM  01-10-2019 (19.44 MB)


  • Open phones, the hate crimes session last night...Melissa Henson from - The Bird Box stunt indicates that online video DOES need to watch out for kids more.

Download 01-10-19_THURSDAY_7AM  01-10-2019 (20.01 MB)


  • I talk with the Stream's Rachel Alexander - little known story that Dems in Alabama took down Roy Moore's Senate campaign using Russian-like tactics. Open phones follow

Download 01-10-19_THURSDAY_8AM  01-10-2019 (17.94 MB)


  • My guest is Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center,, how our Oregon greens and affiliated groups sucker area cattle ranchers, and also the fight against Obama-era rules declaring Single Family Homes as a racist privilege.

Download 01-09-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-09-2019 (18.92 MB)


  • Jim Campbell, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom - They're going after the Masterpiece Cake Baker AGAIN. Open phones, then crime stoppers with Sgt. Julie Denny

Download 01-09-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-09-2019 (17.78 MB)


  • Morning News and talk starts, later Dave Ray from Federation for American Immigration reform with a post-DJT border speech take.

Download 01-09-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-09-2019 (18.88 MB)


  • Arthur Firstenberg joins me from New Mexico. Is the roll out of 5G wireless technology safe? He says no, and the group is suing Santa Fe, NM, the state AG, and the federal government to challenge the 1996 Telecommunications ACT.

Download 01-08-19_TUESDAY_8AM  01-08-2019 (18.06 MB)


  • My guest is Capt. William E. Simpson - is there a Trump card that could stop the Klamath Dam removals? Later, a business segment with our friends from Advanced Air - just for Bill Meyer listeners, a 30% discount for signing up for a maintainence agreement

Download 01-08-19_TUESDAY_7AM  01-08-2019 (19.14 MB)


  • Open phones, then Jim Ludwick from Oregonians for Immigration Reform - preview of the President's address, where he'd like it to go.

Download 01-08-19_TUESDAY_6AM  01-08-2019 (18.89 MB)


  • Morning stories of the day, constitutional attorney Mark W. Smith discusses why the Supreme Court is avoiding 2nd Amendment cases.

Download 01-07-19_MONDAY_7AM  01-07-2019 (17.01 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, later, could Uber and Lyft reduce costs and improve service for transit districts? We break it down with PSU adjunct professor and Oregon economist Professor Eric Fruits

Download 01-07-19_MONDAY_8AM  01-07-2019 (20.51 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles local history, this time a bit notorious in nature. We also get a visit from the folks at Wildlife Images, including Buddy, the great horned owl, and a BIG fundraiser you can attend later this month is discussed

Download 01-07-19_MONDAY_6AM  01-07-2019 (18.7 MB)


  • Open phones, Grover Norquist joins me later from Americans for Tax Reform - is your Trump tax cut on the Dem chopping block?

Download 01-04-19_FRIDAY_7AM  01-04-2019 (20.9 MB)


  • 01-04-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 01-04-19_FRIDAY_6AM  01-04-2019 (17.59 MB)


  • 01-04-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 01-04-19_FRIDAY_8AM  01-04-2019 (18.43 MB)


  • 01-04-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 01-03-19_THURSDAY_7AM  01-03-2019 (17.09 MB)


  • 01-03-19_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 01-03-19_THURSDAY_8AM  01-03-2019 (20.33 MB)


  • 01-03-19_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 01-03-19_THURSDAY_6AM  01-03-2019 (17.55 MB)


  • 01-03-19_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-02-2019 (19.56 MB)


  • 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-02-2019 (19.77 MB)


  • 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-02-2019 (17.75 MB)


  • 01-02-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 12-31-18_MONDAY_6AM  12-31-2018 (14.63 MB)


  • Morning news and stories of the day, and later a break down of the shutdown and Trump wall news with Rick Manning, president of Americans For Limited Government

Download 12-31-18_MONDAY_7AM  12-31-2018 (14.98 MB)


  • Outdoor and other reports this morning with Greg Roberts, open phones follow

Download 12-31-18_MONDAY_8AM  12-31-2018 (15.39 MB)


  • Dr. Powers historical profile of New Year resolutions, other news, Comm. Dan DeYoung's changing of the oath of office...a big deal?

Download 12-21-18_FRIDAY_6AM  12-21-2018 (13.99 MB)


  • Open phones, Swamp update, gov shutdown news with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 12-21-18_FRIDAY_7AM  12-21-2018 (15.96 MB)


  • Outdoor report, later open phones, how SENSITIVE sex and social issues are forced on young school students.

Download 12-21-18_FRIDAY_8AM  12-21-2018 (13.7 MB)


  • Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Sciences Coalition - Is it sensible for the U.N. to tax your fuel? Open phones follow

Download 12-20-18_THURSDAY_8AM  12-20-2018 (13.07 MB)


  • 12-20-18_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 12-20-18_THURSDAY_6AM  12-20-2018 (15.14 MB)


  • 12-20-18_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 12-20-18_THURSDAY_7AM  12-20-2018 (16.02 MB)


  • 12-20-18_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 12-19-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-19-2018 (13.39 MB)


  • News of the day, releases their list of top ethics violators in DC, open phones later

Download 12-19-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-19-2018 (16.53 MB)


  • What's up with Savage and Ingraham, what's up with the plan to push mental health exams on Oregon school students? Many of your great calls on the topic

Download 12-19-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-19-2018 (14.89 MB)


  • Chris Chmielinsky from Numbers USA talks of the President's last stand on border wall security, meanwhile the President bans bump stocks...Kevin Starrett and I break down what's at stake, how you can fight the ban.

Download 12-18-18_TUESDAY_6AM  12-18-2018 (13.35 MB)


  • Open phones and news start the show, later it's the Stream's Dr. John Zmirak - When will we treat illegal immigrants like humans, holding them fully accountable for their actions?

Download 12-18-18_TUESDAY_7AM  12-18-2018 (19.21 MB)


  • Open phones, road condition issues in southern Oregon, other topics. Dan Skudstad joins me from the Daily Courier with an update on the suicide awareness campaign of earlier this year.

Download 12-18-18_TUESDAY_8AM  12-18-2018 (13.44 MB)


  • Curtis Houck, Managing Editor for Newsbusters talks with me about a Google and other tech funded smear against conservative news, calling them junk sites, open phones follow

Download 12-17-18_MONDAY_8AM  12-17-2018 (17.16 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with this week's Visiting Past and Present...we also discuss cultural secularization, and the Obamacare constitutional case of Friday.

Download 12-17-18_MONDAY_7AM  12-17-2018 (15.55 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Frank Cullen from the CoC talks avoiding fraud, and couterfeit products with online shopping.

Download 12-17-18_MONDAY_6AM  12-17-2018 (13.83 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, later Dr. Jerome Corsi - Yes, the one under Mueller's Microscope.

Download 12-14-18_FRIDAY_8AM  12-14-2018 (13.35 MB)


  • 12-14-18_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 12-14-18_FRIDAY_6AM  12-14-2018 (15.82 MB)


  • 12-14-18_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 12-14-18_FRIDAY_7AM  12-14-2018 (15.89 MB)


  • 12-14-18_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 12-13-18_THURSDAY_7AM  12-13-2018 (17.42 MB)


  • 12-13-18_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 12-13-18_THURSDAY_8AM  12-13-2018 (14.21 MB)


  • 12-13-18_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 12-13-18_THURSDAY_6AM  12-13-2018 (12.77 MB)


  • 12-13-18_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 12-12-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-12-2018 (13.84 MB)


  • 12-12-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 12-12-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-12-2018 (13.15 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later John Milkovich, an attorney, Democratic State Senator in Louisiana, and author of the new book, Robert Mueller: Errand Boy For The New World Order

Download 12-12-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-12-2018 (16.09 MB)


  • Mr. X breaksdown last night's fire and smoke summit action, Crime Stoppers and more with Lt. Ivens

Download 12-11-18_TUESDAY_6AM  12-11-2018 (14.03 MB)


  • 12-11-18_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 12-11-18_TUESDAY_7AM  12-11-2018 (17.68 MB)


  • 12-11-18_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 12-11-18_TUESDAY_8AM  12-11-2018 (12.94 MB)


  • 12-11-18_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 12-10-18_MONDAY_7AM  12-10-2018 (19.14 MB)


  • 12-10-18_MONDAY_7AM

Download 12-10-18_MONDAY_6AM  12-10-2018 (17.46 MB)


  • 12-10-18_MONDAY_6AM

Download 12-10-18_MONDAY_8AM  12-10-2018 (18.46 MB)


  • 12-10-18_MONDAY_8AM

Download 12-07-18_FRIDAY_8AM  12-07-2018 (21.61 MB)


  • Kevin Werbach, author of The Blockchain And the New Architecture of Trust joins me for a great talk on crypto, other uses for this high tech, open phones follow

Download 12-07-18_FRIDAY_6AM  12-07-2018 (18.17 MB)


  • Open phones and a swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 12-07-18_FRIDAY_7AM  12-07-2018 (19.31 MB)


  • Outdoor report, interesting fire news developments, too...Jacksonville Kiwanis discusses its mission, looking for your help and new members.

Download 12-06-18_THURSDAY_7AM  12-06-2018 (15.51 MB)


  • Salvation Army needs your help, we discuss it, and later Capt. William E. Simpson weighs in on a more holistic approach to fire and wildland management

Download 12-06-18_THURSDAY_8AM  12-06-2018 (15.76 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, then Dr. Paul Nathanson and I break down the scourge of misandry, hatred of men, afflicting the culture.

Download 12-06-18_THURSDAY_6AM  12-06-2018 (14.14 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, later Renee Jolly is the parent of a son who was falsely accused by a female student, and wrongfully expelled from his university.

Download 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-05-2018 (15.38 MB)


  • 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-05-2018 (14.97 MB)


  • 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-05-2018 (14.69 MB)


  • 12-05-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 12-04-18_TUESDAY_6AM  12-04-2018 (14.34 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 12-04-18_TUESDAY_7AM  12-04-2018 (17.12 MB)


  • David Bossie, co-author of TRUMP'S ENEMIES - does the President actually now realize what he's up against? Mr. X then joins me in studio - Fire and smoke Summit meeting next Tuesday - How to make good comments and input

Download 12-04-18_TUESDAY_8AM  12-04-2018 (13.52 MB)


  • More with Mr. X, and making good public comments for the Fire meeting. Brent and Randal from Advanced Air for today's business segment - what makes their customer service so special, and the upside to getting a maintenance agreement now!

Download 12-03-18_MONDAY_8AM  12-03-2018 (14.95 MB)


  • Dr Powers profiles local history and we also talk the politics and news of the day

Download 12-03-18_MONDAY_6AM  12-03-2018 (14.46 MB)


  • Open phones start, later in the hour, PAUL DRIESSEN senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which is in Poland this week counter-programming the Green Agenda, wants Trump continued out of the Paris agreement.

Download 12-03-18_MONDAY_7AM  12-03-2018 (15 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts and open phones on the news later.

Download 11-30-18_FRIDAY_6AM  11-30-2018 (15.12 MB)


  • Open phones on the news of the day, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - Swamp update

Download 11-30-18_FRIDAY_7AM  11-30-2018 (14.68 MB)


  • Outdoor report, later Matt Taylor, director of THE CREEPY LINE, which takes on the Google and Facebook tyrannies.

Download 11-30-18_FRIDAY_8AM  11-30-2018 (17.42 MB)


  • I talk with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - Can Trump legally ban bumpstocks and other gun news. Later, a great talk with a rep from Mid-Rogue Imaging Center in Grants Pass - save 40-60 percent on CT and other imaging services!

Download 11-29-18_THURSDAY_8AM  11-29-2018 (14.36 MB)


  • Dems introduce a tax bill - carbon tax and trade and 2 CHILD LIMIT - Grover Norquest from Americans for Tax Reform explains, open phones, and we talk with Katie Hutchinson, E.D. from the Providence Comm Health Foundation - Festival of Trees starts Fri!

Download 11-29-18_THURSDAY_7AM  11-29-2018 (15.27 MB)


  • Has technology created a greater need for crisis management? Absolutely, says Ian Mitroff, author of Technology Run Amok - Crisis Management in the Digital Age, open phones follow

Download 11-29-18_THURSDAY_6AM  11-29-2018 (14.42 MB)


  • Open phones and news, later John Casey, former space shuttle engineer, space advisor to the D.C. government - Is it actually cooling, not warming? He says glabal cooling is in the he wrote from 2014 is DARK WINTER.

Download 11-28-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-28-2018 (13.99 MB)


  • Open phones, later a report from the border with Dave Ray at the Federation for American Immigration Reform

Download 11-28-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-28-2018 (16.28 MB)


  • Curry County Commissioner Court Boice wins a lawsuit filed against him by fellow commissioners, he explains, Crimestoppers with Sgt. Julie Denny and open phones, too.

Download 11-28-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-28-2018 (14.37 MB)


  • Open phones, later a talk and update with Britt Fest Orchestra's Teddy Abrams and Mike G.

Download 11-27-18_TUESDAY_6AM  11-28-2018 (14.85 MB)


  • Open Phones for the hour

Download 11-27-18_TUESDAY_8AM  11-28-2018 (14.97 MB)


  • Dr.Michael Guillen joins me, author of THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT - Ominous News from the Frontier of Science, open phones follow

Download 11-27-18_TUESDAY_7AM  11-28-2018 (15.93 MB)


  • Eric Peters, automotive journalist, talks the GM purge news and other transportation news, open phones later

Download 11-26-18_MONDAY_8AM  11-26-2018 (15.83 MB)


  • Dr Powers history profile and other news for the hour

Download 11-26-18_MONDAY_6AM  11-26-2018 (13.58 MB)


  • Opoen phones and news, Michael Stumo discusses the good that the Trump China tariffs are doing

Download 11-26-18_MONDAY_7AM  11-26-2018 (17.43 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Jac Co Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks the 12-11 Fire summit, public input, fire and smoke policy

Download 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-21-2018 (14.7 MB)


  • 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-21-2018 (15.45 MB)


  • 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-21-2018 (14.66 MB)


  • 11-21-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 11-20-18_TUESDAY_7AM  11-20-2018 (15.84 MB)


  • The fight against sustainable development and Technocracy...we discuss the issue with Mr. X, and Patrick Wood, author of the brand new (excellent) TECHNOCRACY: The Hard Road to World Order. Get it on

Download 11-20-18_TUESDAY_6AM  11-20-2018 (13.67 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour

Download 11-20-18_TUESDAY_8AM  11-20-2018 (16.27 MB)


  • Gary Leaming from ODOT discusses some of the trasnportation issues for this Thanksgiving getaway week, some open phones, then Michael Campbell with Sis-Q Cellular, and all the Black Friday Deals on NOW.

Download 11-19-18_MONDAY_6AM  11-19-2018 (13.84 MB)


  • Open phones, then Gregory Wrightstone, author of Inconvenient Facts...we discuss the Cal Fires, climate issues.

Download 11-19-18_MONDAY_7AM  11-19-2018 (16.99 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more, more open phones, too.

Download 11-19-18_MONDAY_8AM  11-19-2018 (13.47 MB)


  • Rick Eldridge, producer of the film THE TRUMP PROPHECY, we talk a bit about some prayer, other news issues and open phones

Download 11-16-18_FRIDAY_7AM  11-16-2018 (14.06 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and Portland attorney (former AG candidate) Daniel Zene Crowe calls the show from Florida...deep in the heart of the recount mess.

Download 11-16-18_FRIDAY_6AM  11-16-2018 (14.01 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones, we talk swamp update time with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government

Download 11-16-18_FRIDAY_8AM  11-16-2018 (13.09 MB)


  • Danny Iny, author of LEVERAGED LEARNING - the era of the 4-year degree being the only ticket to success is over. Some open phones, and boxer Mike Wilson is here - he's boxing in Monte Carlo on the 24th for the Cruzerweight championship!

Download 11-15-18_THURSDAY_8AM  11-15-2018 (14.84 MB)


  • Open phones for most of the hour!

Download 11-15-18_THURSDAY_6AM  11-15-2018 (15.19 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, then Karen Kataline, talk show host, discusses how #METoo was a big winner in the election, and how to fight the trend.

Download 11-15-18_THURSDAY_7AM  11-15-2018 (14.16 MB)


  • Technology and cultural visionary George Gilder, author of LIFE AFTER GOOGLE, open phones follow

Download 11-14-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-14-2018 (14.23 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - big challenges ahead in 2019 re the 2nd A, Business segment with Steve Johnson at Premiere Jewlelers in Medford, 30% off diamonds1 Megan Flowers, sponsor an animal at Sanctuary One, she explains how

Download 11-14-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-14-2018 (14.95 MB)


  • Fire, smoke, the upcoming session and more with State Sen. Herman Baertschiger, Crimestoppers and more, too.

Download 11-14-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-14-2018 (13.68 MB)


  • Open phones and topics, the GOP and abortion, the fires, other topics on your mind.

Download 11-13-18_TUESDAY_7AM  11-13-2018 (15.48 MB)


  • Bev Harris, election researcher with, and we discuss vote by mail problems, and other issues that mess with the election process

Download 11-13-18_TUESDAY_6AM  11-13-2018 (13.57 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, Eric Peters, automotive journalist - An ELECTRIC HARLEY? Good or bad, huh?

Download 11-13-18_TUESDAY_8AM  11-13-2018 (15.03 MB)


  • Tom Harris with the International Climate Sciences Coalition, Judge says no to Keystone XL because of climate change? Open phones follow

Download 11-12-18_MONDAY_7AM  11-12-2018 (14.65 MB)


  • 11-12-18_MONDAY_7AM

Download 11-12-18_MONDAY_6AM  11-12-2018 (14.14 MB)


  • 11-12-18_MONDAY_6AM

Download 11-12-18_MONDAY_8AM  11-12-2018 (15.89 MB)


  • 11-12-18_MONDAY_8AM

Download 11-09-18_FRIDAY_6AM  11-09-2018 (18.73 MB)


  • Open phones, later Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America - China redirecting our internet traffic...industrial espionage or something worse?

Download 11-09-18_FRIDAY_8AM  11-09-2018 (18.31 MB)


  • Community activist Mark Seligman on the new canabis law in Jo County, other issues, Steven Rice from Mobil Madness in on a business segment.

Download 11-09-18_FRIDAY_7AM  11-09-2018 (20.51 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, then our crack researcher Ed (Mr. X) breaks down the undue influence of the left on education and the elections, and also a BLM grant that could lead to more land lockup, and Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

Download 11-08-18_THURSDAY_6AM  11-08-2018 (19.52 MB)


  • open phones for CTT, the mass murder in CA, Eric Peters lightens things up later with car reviews and Obamacare on Wheels!

Download 11-08-18_THURSDAY_7AM  11-08-2018 (19.08 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday - The Bill Gates Ted Talk, and the HPV connection? Sen Linthicum talks of conservatives falling into the Collectivist Trap.

Download 11-08-18_THURSDAY_8AM  11-08-2018 (17.66 MB)


  • Dr. Michael Wall, author of OUT THERE (In stores 11/13) about the search for intelligent life in outer space. open phones, too.

Download 11-07-18_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-07-2018 (19.51 MB)


  • Open phones, later it's a Crime Stoppers Segment

Download 11-07-18_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-07-2018 (18.44 MB)


  • Election results, also a talk with Rick Manning from ALG about the fed ramifications of it all

Download 11-07-18_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-07-2018 (18.74 MB)


  • State Senator DeBoer with post Tuesday analysis, a business segment with Cherisse from NO Wires Media, saving you money on phone, internet, tv

Download 11-06-18_TUESDAY_8AM  11-06-2018 (13.54 MB)


  • Dr. Tim Ball, author of Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception In History. Ball is an environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg. Brett and Randall from Advanced Air - Repair or replace? We discuss.

Download 11-06-18_TUESDAY_6AM  11-06-2018 (11.89 MB)


  • Morning news starts, and then an interesting talk with Jeremy Dys, attorney with First Liberty, which is going to the Supreme Court to defend a WW1 memorial being attacked for being shaped like a cross.

Download 11-06-18_TUESDAY_7AM  11-06-2018 (15.78 MB)


  • OR GOP chair Bill Currier talks the races with me, and Tom Kelly, President and CEO of ID Experts - Smart speaker privacy has been a growing debate in headlines recently.

Download 11-05-18_MONDAY_8AM  11-05-2018 (14.39 MB)


  • Southern Oregon history with Dr. Powers, profile of Madox Brothers and Rose, and election talk, some open phones, too.

Download 11-05-18_MONDAY_6AM  11-05-2018 (13.63 MB)


  • Open phones and stories start the morning, What if the Dems take control of the House? The Stream's Rachel Alexander discusses that and more.

Download 11-05-18_MONDAY_7AM  11-05-2018 (13.96 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, and some political talk, too. Later, the other side of the tribal dispute/Kate Brown campaign funding story with attorney Anthony Broadman of the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe.

Download 11-02-18_FRIDAY_8AM  11-02-2018 (19.66 MB)


  • Medford 549C Superintendent Dr. Brian Shumate discusses the latest school report card, and we catch up with Congressman Greg Walden, too.

Download 11-02-18_FRIDAY_6AM  11-02-2018 (17.26 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, then Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government with the Swamp Update, Terry Baker, Phoenix City Council, has a great, warm human story - local boy in wheelchair makes Eagle Scout - HIS WAY.

Download 11-02-18_FRIDAY_7AM  11-02-2018 (20.68 MB)


  • Sheriff Nate Sickler is here, we talk the race, jail, policy, answer many listener questions. Later, the economic director for the Coquille Tribe takes issues with Governor Brown's interactions with and big bucks from a rival tribe.

Download 11-01-18_THURSDAY_7AM  11-01-2018 (15.29 MB)


  • Open phones and later a talk with Trent Cromartie, Director - Title IX Equity Project for SAVE - Stop Abusive and Violent Environments. Cromartie's life was upended while he was a Cadet at West Point with false allegations of Sex Assault

Download 11-01-18_THURSDAY_6AM  11-01-2018 (12.95 MB)


  • Open phones start, Hadley Heath Manning from talks with me about the drug price challenges, problems with both the Dem and GOP responses to health insurance issues and costs.

Download 11-01-18_THURSDAY_8AM  11-01-2018 (12.42 MB)


  • Should Jacksonville pass a meals tax? Jerry Evans from Jacksonville Inn makes the case for a NO vote. Some open phones then Wayne Douma from MRPC - Gun show, Turkey Shoot, much more coming up -